• yeah the wise elders, it will be nice when our young boys can think about becoming a wise elder and not a martyr

  • my dad died young, the crack, cigarettes & stuff gave him so much cancer, he died in the hospital hallway waiting to see a doctor

  • 36 degrees was nothing for underground pit-house lined with mylar insulation, the heater set to very low and its too hot in here

  • African Americans dont have any wise elder men… I cant go to my elder men & they show me how build, grow, win wars or anything

  • I study lots of cultures & I noticed all other cultures have wise elder men that tell them how win wars & stuff

  • women that pop up & tell you that you not important and they not thinking about you? but if that was true you would leave me alone

  • 36 degrees outside Aaru pit-house still nice & warm

  • Ankh, gaining experience, made the solar panels like 50% more efficient by reprogramming the charge controls

  • Moorwet good night duaru neteru

  • Im a get me a wife asap… Because i dont know how to cook

  • Ankh… Dragon Ball Super comes on tonight i cant wait to see it.

  • yep, if you dont want to be under man\’s laws, you better master the laws of nature AKA Kemetic Science

  • 400 billion colorful stars orbiting a black hole… diverse stars makes life possible, if it was only black holes it would be nothing.

  • yeah if all other humans vanished and there was only you on earth, you would still have to obey the laws of nature to survive

  • these rules/laws of nature, birds have to obey it, correct strategy, discipline & efficient execution, i did not make these rules

  • Moorwet finished making new Aaru introduction video

  • ankh… correct strategy, discipline & efficient execution

  • She be like… but I want to be the great queen of Aaru…
    I be like… ah you can help clean dust off the solar panels

  • god don\’t like ugly or fat

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