Aaru Progress Report – Nerds Off-Grid


Everything is going super great, solar panel system doing its thing recharging electric bike batteries, keeping satellite Internet connected, all phones and laptops fully charged. Our off-grid heater able to keep underground homes very warm even when its 26 degrees out at night but in the day the temperatures rise to like 60 degrees allowing us to work/build more outside. Right now is the dry season but our underground green house still collecting water and keeps some water in its indoor ponds. Got lots of food, thanks to electric bikes and US mail/post office, right now we buying and brining in lots of food but now that the underground greenhouse is completed we will be able to start growing food, got lots of seeds going to start with Swiss Chard seeds and others that do good in winter,  but in spring we will start growing lots of other plants. Putting the camouflage over the 34 foot RV, making it look more like our future village design.

Thanks to everyone that supports our effort and duaru neteru thanks nature.

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