Want To Live Together in a Heavenly Paradise? Join Aaru – African American Royal Union

Aaru is a diverse group of young pioneers working to build a better future for people of color, we own many acres of land near Mexico. We are making it into an Ancient Kemetic/Native American culture eco village & as we grow we will keep buying more land building a whole African American nation. Our goal is to help our people own land, homes & more. We are giving training to people who want to own their own fruit forest, gardens, homes & wealth for their future generations. If you are looking for a way to escape the chaos of the city, get back to nature & build a better life for yourself & your family this is a great opportunity.

Aaru was founded by African Americans but we appreciate the power & stability that diversity brings.
All races and nationalities are welcome in Aaru.

Aaru Starter Pack From Goddess Hetheru
Ancient Kemet text says when a person went to heaven first thing they would see is the goddess Hetheru offering free food and water.
This Starter Pack is a gift from our goddess Hetheru.
+Get 50 Square Feet of Land Enough space to put a tiny house or garden,
+Connect to Aaru Solar Power Electricity, High Speed Internet Access, Free Mail Delivery Plus constant support from the Aaru Community.
+If you want more land we are happy to help you expand.

You Own Your Land,  Never Pay Rent

We do like ancient Egypt production sharing.
You produce what you love & contribute 30% to help with community developments.

Production Sharing Activities
Farming, green house herbs, chickens, cows, outside herbs, wood carving, aquaponics fish, youtube videos, blogs google ads, ebook, website design, graphic design, retreats, temples, fitness retreats, fitness boot camps, food garden, fruit trees, quails, grow trees for profit, sell seeds, sell eggs, beekeeping, cheese, essential oils, jam, dehydrated food, cut flowers, teach a class, seedlings/plants, handmade soap, breeding livestock guardian dogs, mushrooms, broiler rabbits, rabbit pelts, stock photos, worm farm & castings, turkeys, pastured lamb, strawberry plants, manure, compost, metal smithing, pallet-wood furniture or signs, daylilies, building coops, cages, and grow-out runs, bug farming crickets and mealworms, jewelry making & more.

Aaru Uplifting Future Generations…

In Aaru you able to save up & your children can inherit more.
Never live paycheck to paycheck
You can produce everyday, save up, invest, get more land & keep reinvesting.
Make real progress for yourself, your family & future generations.

Your Royalties

When you recruit others to Aaru & help them become productive. You will receive 10% of their produce and when they recruit and help others you receive 5% from all their recruits.
In Aaru gain a unlimited amount of income/royalties by helping others get started.

3 Main Requirements Open-minded, Generosity & Honesty

+You must be open-minded & willing to learn from many diverse cultures & sources.
+You must be generous willing to share with community.
+You must have integrity do what you agreed to do, never lie or try to trick people.

If you are willing to learn, help others and you have integrity you can contact us and maybe join Aaru.

Click here to register and you will be automatically added to Aaru Social Media site, log in here on-line we study Medu Neter, Black History, Kemet Math, Off-Grid Technology, Get Access to tons of Books, Meet & Chat with Aaru Members & more.


duaru neteru(thanks nature)