March 15, 2017


Aaru we taking empty desert land and we making it highly productive by using native American terra preta soil cultivation methods and more.

Deserts are expanding – every year they grow by an area around the size of Ireland. But it’s not a natural process; it’s manmade. Overgrazing, increasing agriculture, deforestation and a growing use of water are eroding the land. And it is particularly affecting parts of Africa, America or Asia.

Desertification is a global problem that reduces plant productivity, biodiversity, air and soil quality, and water availability. New Mexico State University

Aaru is helping to stop and reverse desertification.

Aaru the African American Nation has huge benefits to all.

1. American crime reduction, by moving black men to our own nation then it will greatly decrease the likeliness of black men getting into trouble in white man’s cities. In the start white people tried to make their cities for whites only, they would kill any black person found in their city after dark. Now everyday their cops stop and murder black men. Whites have made it clear they don’t want black men in their cities. So it reduces conflict & benefits us all when black men leave white man’s cities and go build our own African American villages. Plus it benefits black men; in our own nation you can be a real man build your own home, grow your own food & be respectable. There is nothing worse than working your ass off in white man’s city, giving all your money to bills & being disrespected by everyone. In Aaru a man can be a man build, cultivate & be respected as a man grow live his life.

2. Women Privileges in Kemet culture women get free homes, food, clothing, silver, gold, art, healthcare, education, transportation & more. Many women became pharaoh in kemet there never was any womans rights movement because here our women have more rights & many more privileges than men. Many women did not have to even walk because the men would carry her in a litter to where ever she wants to go.

3. Health Benefits, Aaru is at a higher elevation. Living at altitude: people are living longer, healthier lives higher up. The benefits are seen in life span and disease, obesity rates. “We’ve known since the 1920s (that) if you go to higher altitudes obese people will lose weight,” says Robert Roach.

Studies show that over 80% of African American women are obese & its killing them. Aaru being at higher elevation helping our sisters lose weight is a huge benefit.
“If you look at people who live at high altitude around the world, incidents of most types of heart disease and stroke are much less,” Roach says.
7 of 10: Of the top 10 counties in the U.S. for longevity were high-altitude counties in Colorado, with an average life span of 81.3 years, according to a study.
Studies show higher elevation is great for health & longevity. Aaru is at a higher elevation 4800 feet above sea level its high enough for us to get the health benefits but its not too high.

4. Improved Economy & Quality of Life for the US, Mexico & the World.  Kemet culture generates some of the greatest solutions & inventions. Today humanity looking to save the Earth’s eco system & develop more planets. If we are going to be able to develop more planets we need a lot more knowledge & a lot more inventions. We need the awesome kemet culture alive & helping make progress possible.

5. More Sun for African Americans
Lack of Sun/Vitamin D insufficiency is more prevalent among African Americans (blacks) than other Americans and, in North America, most young, healthy blacks do not achieve optimal 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] concentrations at any time of year. This is primarily due to the fact that pigmentation reduces vitamin D production in the skin. Most places in the US never get enough sunlight for African American skin that is adapted to the bright African sun.

Aaru is the brightest place in the US. It receives nearly as much sunlight as Africa. Journal Neurology found that moderate-to-severe vitamin D deficiency in older adults may double the risk for some forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Clinical Cancer Research found a link between low blood levels of vitamin D and aggressive prostate cancer in African-American men. Lack of Vitamin D is linked to Erectile dysfunction, breast cancer, diabetes, prostate cancer, and high blood pressure. Schizophrenia. People who are vitamin D deficient are twice as likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia as compared to people with sufficient vitamin D levels. Plus if you look at a map of where the racist whites live.

You will see racist white people avoid places with bright sun. Bright sun is a natural barrier to keep out racist whites. The map above shows nearly all hate groups avoid bright sun, guess its because grouchy hateful people don’t like nice sunny days.
Also sun is a fixed natural resource, we can have solar powered trucks bring in more water, soil, stone or wood but we cant have a truck bring in more sun. Its better to receive a lot of sun then we can provide shade if needed.

6. Naturally Immune to All Tropical Diseases, Tropical diseases are diseases that are prevalent in or unique to tropical and subtropical regions. The diseases are less prevalent in temperate climates, due in part to the occurrence of a cold season, which controls the insect population by forcing hibernation.
Aaru has the bright sun of the tropics but we also have a mild winter no crazy blizzards but temperatures get down to like 29 degrees F. Allowing us to get the benefits of bright sun but none of the crazy tropical diseases like Malaria that kills zillions of Africans every year. No mosquitoes here, no Zika virus here we are protected from all tropical diseases.

7. No Pollution & No Environmental Racism
One of the problems with being in the US is environmental racism if you not white then the white people will come and put their trash in your neighborhood. At my grandmothers house in Forest Park GA, the local government came and put a huge trash dump site less than a mile from my grandmother’s house. Now everyday the whole black community got to see, smell & hear huge garbage trucks coming to and leaving from that waste dump site the government put into the black community. Nobody checks what type of waste is being put in there is it radioactive, is it toxic how badly will it poison the local ground water & lakes. The whole black community became a ghost town after that waste site was up in all the black businesses closed even the local churches abandoned. Nobody wants to go near that dump site.
But Aaru has some protection from environmental racism. When Bernie Sanders was trying to put a nuclear waste site in Sierra Blanca, the Mexican Government, who cited that the building of nuclear waste site so near the border violates the La Paz Agreement of 1983, which states that both the US and Mexico must work toward reducing or even eliminating “contaminating sources” 64 miles north and south of the border. Many Mexican officials from nearby towns across the border also protested due to the seemingly blatant environmental injustice occurring in Sierra Blanca. Due to these pressures, in the end, despite congressional and state approvals, the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission voted 3-0 on October 20, 1998 to deny the TLLRWDA a license to build a disposal facility outside Sierra Blanca, citing concerns regarding the socioeconomic impact and safety. Thus, victory was achieved for these residents of Sierra Blanca. Aaru is so close to the Mexican border it provides us some protection from environmental racism.

8. Clean Air
Aaru is at a higher altitude. Studies show that mountain climates have fewer allergens and breathing the cleaner air can help people with severe asthma feel better. Air pollution kills more than 5.5 million people a year, making it one of the leading global risk factors for disease, according to new research. Environmental Protection Agency shows that near the Mexican border, Aaru has some of the cleanest air in the nation.

9. Growth Potential for Families of Color
PolicyLink released a time-lapse map showing where people of color will become a majority in the U.S. over the next 30 years.
Showing people of color population growing fast near Mexican border. This is a huge opportunity for African Americans/Families of Color to grow together.

Aaru – African American Raw Universe
 is a place designed to benefit African American family, health, wealth, mental stability, spirituality & more.

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