Infinite Rewards Coming, Living in Aaru

Rewards coming… living in Aaru… we dont have pay rent, we can use that extra time & cash flow to buy gold, silver, make art, upgrade our homes, make lots of ancient kemet furniture, awesome gifts for our wives, order huge diversity of seeds & plants grow organic food, our greenhouses stay warm all year can grow every type of tropical plant & more. Building neteru temples community centers, kemet attractions, make the value of our land go up, temples where we can all come together celebrate initiations, natural events, clear clean air, higher elevation we can see the stars so clearly, breathing clean air, nice sun & organic food keep us super fit & healthy. yep infinite rewards & freedom coming.

Aaru Transforming Deserts

About 33 to 40% of Earth’s available land is desert and global warming is causing the deserts to expand. Ancient Egyptians specialized in greening the desert. Plus the San Tribe, Dogon Tribe, Zulu Tribe, Hamer Tribe all the most notable African tribes live in deserts. About 40 to 50% of Africa is desert, the desert is our natural habitat, we been greening deserts for over 100,000 years. Today deserts are larger than ever and this is a huge opportunity for us to step up & use our superior genetics to help save the planet & get land for our people to live a life of freedom and abundance.

Huge opportunity we are using all the ancient methods but also today it cost very little we can use eBay to order a zillion different plants & seeds from all over the world, plus plastics so cheap, greenhouse plastic, water tanks, plastic hoses, solar powered electric water pumps, automated computer systems & more make it much easier for us to pull water out of the air, water from underground, collecting rain water, aquaponics, electric dirt bikes, electric jackhammers, automatic drones flying around dropping seeds & more. There is a huge amount of technology available that is not being used today greening the desert will be very fun & progressive.

We building lots of ponds & water streams around our homes, growing tons of fruit trees & more.

Aaru transforming deserts like our ancient ancestors. The husband working the plow and the wife dropping seeds. Family fun for everyone.

The whole Mexican border is desert again this is a huge opportunity for African Americans & our future generations duaru neteru.

Prince & Princess Mentorship – Learn Ways of Great African Kings & Queens

Aaru mentor working closely with new members, getting to know specific situation & helping everyone make progress.

Please all brothers join Aaru Prince Mentorship Facebook Group learn ways of victorious African kings & strategies of gods & become a Aaru King.

Please all sisters join Aaru Princess Mentorship, learn ways of great African queens, strategies of goddesses & become a Aaru Queen.

Exclusive Preparation & Initiation Ceremonies of Aaru

African Americans after over 400 years of slavery & over 100 years of being traumatized, brainwashed, dumb down, exploited & robbed.
Now we finally have an opportunity to learn where we really come from & how our sovereign ancestors behaved before slavery. We are restoring our ancient ways & culture to benefit us & not give 99% of our serenity & wealth away to terrorist regimes that care nothing about us.
Today’s world is only becoming more chaotic & less civilized while the eco system/environment is crumbling. We see extinctions happening all over the world & most scientists are predicting the end of the world is coming.

Ancient civilizations knew how to create & maintain a stable healthy thriving eco system/environment. Restoring these ancient ways is the best thing we can do to save our environment, ourselves, our future generations & many of the plants & animals.

Studying ancient Kemet(Egyptian) & original tribe cultures we learn the roles, responsibilities, how sovereign community members behave & based on this we set our standards & objectives.

Aaru we need prudent men that can actually strategically maintain & defend Aaru land, help build his family’s home, love his wife & everyday be productive increasing the wealth of his home & the whole Aaru community.

We need efficient women that rule over her family’s home, strategically manage village resources, constantly develop more efficient effective ways to store food, save wealth, get daily responsibilities done while advising her husband & helping keep up a cheerful paradise environment.

To achieve these objectives first we have to develop the right mindset, next we can start practicing & finally each person complete their initiation ceremony by having the community observe & witness he/she is able to achieve the objectives proficiently.

In the future we will invite men to god mindset preparation conference calls, webinars, classes & more to learn mental strategies of Amun(strategic self), Ptah(creative/engineering self), Atum(organizer self), Shu(air-self), Geb(Earth-self) and more getting our mind set to the right frequencies then we can access more of our god powers.

Women will be invited to goddess mindset development to learn mental strategies of Mut(encompassing-self), Ma’at(logical truthful-self), Tefnut(moisture-self), Nut(universal-self) and more.

After developing the right mindset then it’s possible to take the right actions & our whole community can watch, witness & confirm you are able to achieve the objectives & be a wonderful member of the African American Royal Union.

Remember to join Aaru Facebook Group where you can meet other Aaru members & start preparing.
duaru(thanks) for your participation.
duaru neteru(thanks nature-self)

Awesome Aaru Progress Growing

50 members now, we all happy to help buy land, study, build & farm duaru neteru thanks nature.

Getting village benefits having neighbors that truly love & care, can watch each other’s children, share transportation, help build each other’s houses, grow/trade huge variety of organic foods, more effective schooling teach each other’s children, share meat from hunting, share books, build community neteru temples, bathhouses, share health care/self-care methods, now we see why they say it takes a village to raise a child because a village has a zillion great benefits for children.

Also more huge upgrades to the off road mail delivery electric bike has a 350 mile range now we can use this to get all our mail, building supplies & more from the post office that is about 20 miles away.

Found the ultimate book for building underground houses.

The name of the book is The $50 & Up Underground House Book. We predict building a start up underground house in Aaru could cost less than $250.

We found a great company that will ship us a lot of 8 foot tall bamboo poles for like $100, ebay will send us like ton of plastic sheeting for like $100 & we can put dry stone walls around it for free. With the house being underground it will automatically stay at like 75 degrees inside because that is the temperature of the Earth around it.  But you know you can add more to it as you go, a Jacuzzi bathtub only cost like $300 on ebay, movie projectors, video games & more on ebay for low price build your dream house.

Also found local water company they say they give you 2000 gallons of water for like $30, we also catching rain water, building ponds, greenhouse, indoor pools & storing & cleaning water in every way possible.

Plus all the plants are growing wonderfully.

Aaru got a good cellphone signal so thats a easy way for us to get unlimited Internet you will be able to grow herbs, crops, make art & more & sell your products on eBay & other sites plus share with community.

Aaru Education ebay/Internet  got college books for like $5 we building a awesome Aaru library, want our people to master electrical engineering, genetic engineering & everything else. We building spaceships developing the whole universe.

Thanks to our ancient Kemet(Egyptian) ancestors showing the way to build heaven on Earth.

duaru neteru thanks nature

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Dry Stone Masonry

Dry stone (also called drystack) is a building method by which structures are constructed from stones without any mortar to bind them together. Dry stone structures are stable because of their unique construction method, which is characterized by the presence of a load-bearing façade of carefully selected interlocking stones. Dry stone technology is best known in the context of wall construction, but dry stone artwork, buildings, bridges, and other structures also exist.

Because there is already a zillion stones naturally in Aaru. We decided Dry Stone Masonry is a good thing to learn and practice. We will be building many of our houses and buildings with dry stone construction techniques.

Aaru Medical Center Designed to Bring People Back From the Dead

In today’s world doctors seem to only know 2 words “antibiotics and oxycodone” yet many other types of treatment are available.

When other doctors are pronouncing you dead, dont give up yet, Aaru Medical Center is designed to bring people back from the dead.

Aaru Medical Center specialize in providing alternative care like aromatherapy, reflexology, acupuncture, cranial therapy, Reiki, oxygen therapy, color therapy, sound healing, homeopathy, crystal therapy, yoga and more.

Many great healers like Dr. Sebi & others get murdered because they lack community protection.
Over 60 Holistic Doctors Have Been Murdered In The Last Year

Donate Now to help build Aaru Medical Center where our healers, medical knowledge databases, infrastructure and more will be available for you and your family in the future.

Production Sharing

In a barter economy the simplest way to exact taxes is by seizing part of the produce, merchandise, or property.
We not charging rent in Aaru but we are doing production sharing.

Everybody is able to do something & give the royals a share. 10 to 20%.

This way its impossible to become homeless & people like artist are able to do works, can give a share of their artwork & never worry about rent.

Every person in Aaru is required to report their occupation to their royals and make an agreement on how much of their production they sharing.