Aaru Progress Report – Nerds Off-Grid

Hotep Everything is going super great, solar panel system doing its thing recharging electric bike batteries, keeping satellite Internet connected, all phones and laptops fully charged. Our off-grid heater able to keep underground homes very warm even when its 26 degrees out at night but in the day the temperatures rise to like 60 degrees Read more about Aaru Progress Report – Nerds Off-Grid[…]

Infinite Rewards Coming, Living in Aaru

Rewards coming… living in Aaru… we dont have pay rent, we can use that extra time & cash flow to buy gold, silver, make art, upgrade our homes, make lots of ancient kemet furniture, awesome gifts for our wives, order huge diversity of seeds & plants grow organic food, our greenhouses stay warm all year Read more about Infinite Rewards Coming, Living in Aaru[…]

Prince & Princess Mentorship – Learn Ways of Great African Kings & Queens

Aaru mentor working closely with new members, getting to know specific situation & helping everyone make progress. Please all brothers join Aaru Prince Mentorship Facebook Group learn ways of victorious African kings & strategies of gods & become a Aaru King. https://www.facebook.com/groups/neteraaru/ Please all sisters join Aaru Princess Mentorship, learn ways of great African queens, strategies Read more about Prince & Princess Mentorship – Learn Ways of Great African Kings & Queens[…]

Exclusive Preparation & Initiation Ceremonies of Aaru

African Americans after over 400 years of slavery & over 100 years of being traumatized, brainwashed, dumb down, exploited & robbed. Now we finally have an opportunity to learn where we really come from & how our sovereign ancestors behaved before slavery. We are restoring our ancient ways & culture to benefit us & not Read more about Exclusive Preparation & Initiation Ceremonies of Aaru[…]

Awesome Aaru Progress Growing

50 members now, we all happy to help buy land, study, build & farm duaru neteru thanks nature. Getting village benefits having neighbors that truly love & care, can watch each other’s children, share transportation, help build each other’s houses, grow/trade huge variety of organic foods, more effective schooling teach each other’s children, share meat from Read more about Awesome Aaru Progress Growing[…]

Mexico is a Great Ally to Have

Mexican government outlawed slavery. The US was fighting to keep blacks enslaved. Alamo was a battle for slavery. Mexicans been fighting to help blacks get out of slavery. http://mondoweiss.net/2009/02/alamo-was-a-battle-for-slavery/ Great Pyramid of Cholula, The world’s largest pyramid is hidden under a mountain in Mexico. Mexico’s Great Pyramid of Cholula, four times larger than the great pyramid in Read more about Mexico is a Great Ally to Have[…]

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