Aaru Intro

Welcome to Aaru non-profit working together to provide free homes, organic food, herbs, land and more for the humble & needy. Aaru is a diverse group of privately educated and highly trained heroes farming, manufacturing, building for and rescuing the humble and needy. We own many acres of land near Mexico. We made it into an Ancient Kemetic culture nation.

What You Will Receive in Aaru
1/2 Acer of Land
Underground House
Solar Power
Electric Transportation
High Speed Internet
Mail Delivery
Education & training
Investment Opportunities
& more

Aaru, we already put in solar power, homes, electric transportation, security and more. Register, start free basic training, live and love in our Aaru nation

Requirements Be Over 18, Be Physically Fit, Open-minded, Generous & Honest
+You must be over 18 years old.
+You must be physically fit, in Aaru we do lots of physical activity gardening, bike riding and more.
+You must be open-minded & willing to learn from many diverse cultures & sources.
+You must be generous willing to share with community.
+You must have integrity do what you agreed to do, never lie or try to trick people.

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