Ankhti ManTaachs Ursa-anx Qaefu

  • To comprehend the manifestation of positivity is to overstand the neglect of self.

    You can sow the best seeds in the best soil with the best nutrients and fertilizer, but if you cement it afterwards, nothing will grow.

    You do this, when you hold on to negative energy. Negative energy, registers within you as pain, health problems, soreness and…[Read more]

  • Bugs dance to SPEAK. So, consider what you are doing when dancing to songs..
    Consider the work involved when a choreographer designs a dance for a famous artist, which must match the “spell” encoded in the instrumental tones and lyrics of the hidden message..
    Consider how the audio and visual and mimicking of the words and dances affected your…[Read more]

  • Solomon = Sun of Ra
    Jerusalem =jeru salem =Heru(sun of Ra) salem/salam/salaam/shalom= peace

    hotep means Peace
    htp = Srm

    Salaam =slm

    Solomon derives from salam/shalom

    Srm=saraam+sharam=Indian meaning
    essence, Korea meaning person.

    Essence of a person is peace. Peace be still, essence is noticed in absolute stillness of mind,…[Read more]

  • The Limitations of Your BELIEFS

    The truth is not something that can be contained, or explained, it is something that can be felt deep within and becomes pure knowledge.

    I cannot give you the truth. I can only provide you the path to the doors of the truth as it applies to you personally. There are truths that are global, but I will not be the…[Read more]

  • AIR FAQ – Continuously updated, ask any questions in the comments.


    AER was ImPure, and as a Practice of Purified Knowledge AER had to clean itself up and stop being a hypocrite. ELohim contains the Invader E of the Dead (White, Absence of color, Spirits of Disorder, Masters of Deception, and Biblical Lepers, though we…[Read more]

  • Greetings, It is a pleasure to be here. I lead a Shamanic faith that is the Resurrection of Lower KMT, which is based in the Matriarchal Kamwt. Kamwt translates to the Spirit of the Mother, as Afuraka is the Mother’s Land. This faith is Autothonus ILohim Rastafari (Ra’s Staff Are I), and is unrelated to modern Rastafari. the Raaper or Temple that…[Read more]

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