Membership Requirements

All Aaru members must be
+light hearted, appreciate & show admiration for neteru/nature. Not egotistical, no jealousy & not trying to compete against others.
+Open minded willing to learn,
+Generous willing to share & help others.
+Have integrity be truthful do everything that you agreed to do.

You will be required to pass 4 initiation tests to prove you are willing to learn, generous & truthful.

After passing these 4 tests then you will receive your official Aaru name, golden identity card & guaranteed family deed to 10 square feet of Aaru
Initiation Pass 4 Tests
1. Light heartedness test. This requires you to do a dua pose showing admiration & appreciation for neteru/nature.
2. Open Minded, Leaning Test. We will teach you some knowledge then chat with you and ask you do you remember it.
3. Generosity Test. This requires you to invite 1 other person to Aaru.
4. Integrity Test. This test requires you set a day & time when you will call us. Then we will wait till that day and time & see if you do what you said you would do call in.