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Policy of Power to The People

Aaru 100% contract law, in U.S. most laws is stuff that you never agreed to, I never agreed to pay a $500 fine for having baggy pants, never agreed to allow cops to stop and frisk, they just make up some shit & enforce it without you signing any contract or anything

Aaru using 100% contract law, no law will be enforced on you if you never agreed to follow that law.

Policy of Power to The People

More Voting Power to the People
Working Class People Have More Powerful Votes
Aaru Democratic System is designed around power to the working class people.
All members start with 1X vote by subscribing to the website. Next every member can earn land royalties, gold & silver prizes plus gain more voting power by helping build the Aaru nation.
For example:
In Aaru, when you complete more education, training, initiations, building projects & duties you receive land, gold, silver and more voting power, your votes count more.
Birthing children makes your votes count more also.
Recruiting over 10 new members makes your vote more powerful.
Hotep, doing anything that helps our nation could make your vote up to 360 times more powerful.

Aaru listens more to workers, the people doing the real work your vote can count over 360 times more than a person that only talks.
Taking power away from loud mouth talking heads & giving the power to the people.

More Purchasing Power to the People
In Aaru we strategically remove all middle men so you have more purchasing power.
For example.
Aaru never charges any rent.
In Aaru there are no land lords. We buy land directly from land owners & we give you all the land rights & royalties. Get 50 Square Feet of Land for $5 that’s enough space to build a tiny house, garden & more, plus you own all the land rights & royalties meaning you never have to pay any rent no more living paycheck to paycheck, no more slum landlord taking all your extra cash.
Now you the landlord, power to the people.

Aaru is non-profit, 100% of the money that Aaru gets goes directly to you, buying more land for the people, power systems, transportation, health care, schools & more. Every year billion dollar corporations take your money and use it to buy their self bullshit that helps you in no way.
Aaru built our own online marketplace Udja.Trade it’s like eBay & Amazon but at Udja.Trade 100% of the profit goes to you. Whenever you spend $5 at Udja Trade then you instantly own land rights to 1 square foot of land. This way you can buy all the stuff that you normally buy but instead of making billionaires richer, now normal shopping adds property to your wealth, power to the people.

Aaru Protection & Empowerment to Women
Aaru builds women only zones “acres of land for women only”.

Men are not allowed to enter the women only zones. This way women are free to work, study, make art, build, garden, harvest, live & do whatever they like without any men staring at them or harassing. All men agree before they come to Aaru, they agree to never step in a women only zone. If a man steps into a women only zone he could be banished from Aaru for life.

All Aaru women receive free combat training, free guns & bullets. Aaru women are highly armed & protected we make it nearly impossible for any woman to ever be raped, kidnapped or sexually harassed. Women can go to work in the women only zones & men are not allowed to enter the women only zones so nobody has to worry about is some asshole trying to grope & sexually harass them. Women don’t want to be raped & men don’t want their wives to be traumatized or raped. Women only zones gives us the power to prevent sexual harassment & it give women the power and freedom to do what they like without having fight off a creepy man.
Power to the people

Aaru Silver Dollars Protect Your Wealth

Aaru currency is fine silver this means bankers can’t use money printers to scam you. In most nations today the few people who print the money have nearly all the power. They can print a zillion paper dollars, give it to their partners who buy all the businesses and everything, so no matter what you do, you could never win because if you ever did start to win, find a system that works & they can print more paper dollars give it to their friends compete against you and put you out of business or use the paper to buy your business, then they keep printing till the paper dollars you have are nearly worthless & they still own all the land & businesses by using their money printing scam.
Aaru will never run any money printing scams, our currency is fine silver, when you complete Aaru initiations and help with building our nation, you earn fine silver that is guaranteed to keep some value forever plus nobody can print fine silver so the work you did will remain valuable forever power to the people.

Unlimited Growth Opportunity No White College Degree Required, No Credit Required, Just Start Doing It
Aaru workforce is built around initiations, this means if you can complete an initiation that proves you able to do the job then you got the job. In Aaru niggas off grid, we don’t care if you got a degree from a big name college or not. Our main focus is can you do the duty and if you can do it then we happy to let you do it.
If you want to buy your own books & teach yourself great, if you learned from your dad or mother great, if you gained your skill from magic rabbit great. So long as you can complete an initiation do the job proves you can do the job so you got the job. Tons of opportunity in Aaru, we need build lot more power systems, electric bikes, electric cars, build more homes, growing food & herbs, renovating RV trailers, housekeeping, stay at home moms, healthcare, mail delivery, water filtering, animal herding, soil repair, rain water harvesting, all types of arts, fashion, makeup, IT, hair, communications, childcare, education, security systems, psychology, painting, farming & more. You don’t need a white man degree to start working here, you can get your own books or learn online videos, teach yourself & if you can do it, do it for your nation, power to the people.

Aaru Got Large Long Term Goals

Aaru main goal is building intergalactic civilization. We have 100,000 year plans & strategy, we not trying keep people in a little box & our older people move on to building bigger things we not trying to keep all the wealth & block younger people from learning & ascending. We view the universe as having infinite wealth, infinite space, infinite time so we can all keep growing we don’t need to oppress anyone. Lot nations today act like they trying to block new knowledge, science & technology so a few old billionaires can stay in power but Aaru is not like that at all, if you find a better way to do something we are happy to help you progress the better way giving a higher quality of life to us all. We encourage maximum innovation, efficiency & progress power to the people.

Thanks for viewing, reading and being interested in Aaru, please subscribe to get weekly newsletter progress reports & donate to help build our Kemet (black land)nation duaru neteru(thanks nature)

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