Aaru Transforming Deserts

About 33 to 40% of Earth’s available land is desert and global warming is causing the deserts to expand. Ancient Egyptians specialized in greening the desert. Plus the San Tribe, Dogon Tribe, Zulu Tribe, Hamer Tribe all the most notable African tribes live in deserts. About 40 to 50% of Africa is desert, the desert is our natural habitat, we been greening deserts for over 100,000 years. Today deserts are larger than ever and this is a huge opportunity for us to step up & use our superior genetics to help save the planet & get land for our people to live a life of freedom and abundance.

Huge opportunity we are using all the ancient methods but also today it cost very little we can use eBay to order a zillion different plants & seeds from all over the world, plus plastics so cheap, greenhouse plastic, water tanks, plastic hoses, solar powered electric water pumps, automated computer systems & more make it much easier for us to pull water out of the air, water from underground, collecting rain water, aquaponics, electric dirt bikes, electric jackhammers, automatic drones flying around dropping seeds & more. There is a huge amount of technology available that is not being used today greening the desert will be very fun & progressive.

We building lots of ponds & water streams around our homes, growing tons of fruit trees & more.

Aaru transforming deserts like our ancient ancestors. The husband working the plow and the wife dropping seeds. Family fun for everyone.

The whole Mexican border is desert again this is a huge opportunity for African Americans & our future generations duaru neteru.

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