Types of Land Deeds

Aaru is on a mission to build a nation where Kemetic black people own our own land, where we are free to build and live without white people taking 99% of our wealth. Here is a list of the types of land deeds Aaru will help you acquire so you and your future generations can live, own your own land & never be forced to pay rent or bills again.

1. Guaranteed Aaru Family Deed
With a guaranteed family deed you own rights to a share of Aaru land. You are guaranteed to be allowed access to land or you will receive a refund. If at any time for any reason you no longer want rights to a share of Aaru land then you can request a refund and you will receive a refund.

Benefits of this type of deed are you don’t need much money to get started for as little as $5 you can own 50 square feet of land enough space to put a tiny house or garden, own your space forever, never pay any rent

Cons is this type of deed is only recognized by Aaru members & if you no longer like the Kemetic Aaru movement then only thing you can do is get a refund & leave the land.

2. Owner Financing Deed
This type of deed comes with a contract with the land owner to finance the land for you. Basically you do like an $800 down payment then it could be as little as about $150 per month for 20 acres.
The total you pay over 17 years is about $20,000.

Benefit of this type of deed, it gives you access to lots of land very quickly.
Bad part is its risky, money you put into it is non refundable, if you ever miss a few payments you could lose the land & all the money that you paid. Plus this type of deed is only recognized by the land owner and you.

3. Warranty Deed
This is the most secure type of deed, its recognized by the county, state & federal gov but it cost about $16,000 for 20 acres of land. Bad part of this type of deed is you paying over $16,000 up front and if you never able to get that land to be productive for you then you could lose over $16,000 or have a tough time trying to sell 20 acres of land in the desert.

We Recommend
Hotep we recommend the Guaranteed Aaru Family Deed for Aaru members, you can get a Guaranteed Aaru Family Deed for as little as $5 move to the land and live on it as an Aaru family member. Then if you like the land you can buy more or get a refund for your $5 and use that to buy more. If you don’t like the land, you can get a refund of your $5 and you gained knowledge so it’s no real risk to you.

Yet if you want to put in an $800 down payment start a owner financing contract for 20 acres, we are happy to help you with that. If you want to pay $16,000 for a warranty deed and own 20 acres right now, we are happy to help you with that. Just let us know, we happy to help you get any type of land deed you want.

Moorwet the goal of Aaru is to help our members buy as much of this land as possible to help build our own Kemetic black nation here, please contact us if you have any questions or need any help with anything.

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